How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner? Follow the Steps

Makeup is considered a lady’s best friend. With the help of cosmetics, she can camouflage any of the skin imperfections. Not always she applies make up for camouflaging, but at times she likes to highlight her beautiful eyes, glowing skin, and lips. Minimal makeup and an application of eyeliner can bring about dramatic changes to one’s looks. A touch of eyeliner is just enough to impress the world. When compared to other sorts of eyeliners, liquid eyeliners are preferred more like gel eyeliners. This is so because a liquid eye-liner can offer glossy and high-shine jet black finish. You must look for an eye-liner which is smudge proof and dries in a few seconds. If you know how to apply liquid eyeliner and use it exactly as per the instructions and guidelines, your eyes can become mesmerizing and attractive. With the liquid eyeliner, you may also paint your eyelashes and make them fuller for that dramatic effect.

how to apply liquid eyelinerWhy Use Liquid Eyeliner?

The inky eyeliner or eye paint can give you a dark and beautiful lash line. The best part is that you can use it for the sleekest of application. There are various brands of liquid eyeliner selling hyper glossy liquid liners in an exciting range of shades. The color of the eyeliner is not restricted to black color. We have various shades available in the market right from burgundy, green, pink, blue, white, black. So, the fashion conscious lovers of makeup and colored eyeliners have plenty of choices. To get the best results, you must know how to apply liquid eyeliner.

Choose the Liquid Eyeliner

So, you want to use the eyeliner. You need to select an application style. When it comes to liquid eyeliner, they are of two types, namely, the dip brush and the felt tip. Dip-brush liquid eyeliner is the eyeliner which resembles nail paint and comes in a small bottle carrying the liquid. There is a thin brush that you should dip when you apply it. On the other hand, the felt tip eyeliner resembles a marker. It is used as a pen over the eyes.

Prepare the Eyelids Before Using Liquid Eyeliner

Using liquid eyeliner is the middle step which is carried out before you apply mascara but after the application of eyeshadow. If you want your makeup to last longer and for the whole day, you should apply eyelid primer to your eyelids. Thus, the eyeshadow and the eyeliner will stick to the eyes for the entire day. If you are using eyeshadow, apply it now before the use of liquid eyeliner.

Avoid Uneven Applicationhow to apply liquid eyeliner

Many do not know how to apply liquid eyeliner, and they end up with wavy and uneven lines. If you do not want an uneven application and wish for perfect results, your hands must be steady and should not shake at all. To avoid uneven application, you may just rest the elbows on the table while putting your hands on the cheeks. To get a good view, hold a small mirror in your left hand while using the right hand to apply the eyeliner.

Draw the Dots and Dashes on the Eyelids

You must avoid drawing a single line with the eyeliner at once. Rather, you must draw dashes and dots over the eyelids. If you draw the line at once, there might be chances of uneven line, wavy line, and uneven tail at the end. Draw the dashes or dots along your upper lash line and leave adequate space in between.

It is Time to Connect the Dots

Now it is time to connect the dashes and dots.  For this, you must use small and short strokes to connect the dots you have drawn. This way, you will be creating even lines on your eyelids without any waves or bumps. Do not connect dots in a single stroke. Do it slowly and gradually for best results.

Time to Smoothen the Lines

In the process of connecting dots and drawing lines, you may notice breaks in between the dots and dashes. Move slowly and draw a line along the edge of the eyes to smoothen it. This must be done to the bottom edge as well to fill the space between the lash line and your eyeliner. No matter what eyeliner you are using and what’s your preference, you may draw a tiny tail line at the end. Create a small tail at the end of the eyelid to give an impression of your continuing lash line.

how to apply liquid eyelinerYou can do it by drawing a tiny line which extends upwards onto the upper lash line. The line should move at the same angle as that of your upper lash. Now, draw a tiny triangle at the end of the lash line and just fill the space. You may avoid drawing a triangle or just sweep the line further for a more natural kind of look. Try and sweep the line far away from the lid for that catty look.

What to Do Next?

It is essential to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner if you want to finish makeup perfectly. After you apply eyeliner, apply mascara and give a finishing touch to the makeup. Use a full-bristled and soft brush to eliminate the eyeliner that gets under the eyes usually. Along with this, use makeup remover to erase any mistake you did when applying the liquid eyeliner or mascara.

Apply Liquid Eyeliner Without Smudging

Make sure to buy only smudge proof eyeliner to avoid smudged look. For that perfect and even application, you must follow the steps of applying eyeliner very closely. Applying it correctly is all about anchoring your elbow. Your hands must be as steady as possible. If you are unsure of drawing an even line, you must start with the dots and dashes.

Your eyes should be wide open when you are using liquid eyeliner. By following the above section, you may grasp how to apply liquid eyeliner.