How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Like a Pro? Some Tips and Advice to Follow

Apply Liquid Eyeliner Like a Pro

Eyeliners and the ways of applying them might appear befuddling as they are of various kinds. Previously, there was only pencil eyeliner, but now the buyers can choose among a range of options. Eyeliners are also available in liquid and gel forms, and the ways of applying are different. So, it is difficult to know how to apply liquid eyeliner or any other eyeliner. With eyeliner, you may do a smoky eye, cat eye or attain a usual kind of result. Basic eye makeup is best for the daily purpose. Liquid eyeliner is better than a pencil one as they stay for the entire day and stick to your eyes.

Tips – How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Firstly, you need to line your eyes from inside lashes and move to the outwards in a single big sweep. However, if you are not sure of this, you can line your eyes from the mid-lash line and move outwards. Use the inner corner of your eyes to finish the line by moving to the middle. What you need here are steady hands and wider eyes. Follow the steps stated below if you are wondering how to apply liquid eyeliner:

  • Make sure your eyes are entirely bare
  • Into the spaces of the upper lashes, draw the dots with the liquid eyeliner. Wiggle the eyeliner into the spaces in between the lashes. Here you will not draw a line but only dots. You will give an illusion that the lashes are thick at its roots.
  • After the above steps, apply the mascara
  • Compare your eye to the other bare eye and do the same

How to Apply Liquid EyelinerTips for Bold and Dramatic Eyes

For an evening party, you may carry bold eyes. You can attain this effect through liquid eyeliner. If you crave for that super cool and sexy look, you may try out other shades rather than simply black. Dip the brush into the eyeshadow and apply it to the eyes. Now, apply up to two layers of liquid eyeliner by following the steps stated earlier. Make sure you hold the skin of the upper eyelid taut. Start from the middle and move outwards to the corner of the eyes. A second line can be drawn all the way from the inside corner. Let the two lines meet. When you are applying the eyeliner, make sure the outer line is thicker than the inside one. Do not take the line to the inside corner if your eyes are close-set.

Secrets That Only Professionals Know

Your eyes can appear wider if you use a beige pencil to trace your inner rims of the eyes. Use liquid eyeliner to highlight the inner corner in the process. You may also use a bit of shimmer and apply to the corner of the eyes.

To learn how to apply liquid eyeliner, you must follow the tips and steps given above.

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